If you’ve been following along, I went off on a bit of a tangent in the post below with the latest claims from Liberal MP Craig Kelly so let’s unpack that some more…
Health Minister Greg Hunt was questioned in his earlier press conference about Mr Kelly’s crazy coronavirus posts on Facebook today.
The outspoken Sydney politician has made a series on Facebook posts about the drug Ivermectin, which has been claimed to treat COVID-19.
The drug is a cheap treat lice treatment and advocates have been pushing for its use throughout the pandemic, Mr Kelly being one of them.
In August a handful of South American countries had deployed Ivermectin as both a treatment and preventive measure after early laboratory research indicated it may eliminate COVID-19.
Mr Kelly today shared how Ivermectin had gone on sale to treat COVID in Skopje, Macedonia, for the equivalent of $0.77 a tablet.
“If you asked the doctor to please immediately prescribe and administered Ivermectin to your elderly mum, at the cost of less than $1 a tablet) – BUT WERE TOLD NO – because some health bureaucrats in an ivory tower thinks theres not enough evidence’,” Mr Kelly said in one of his posts.
He continued later, “Our health bureaucrats still claim theres not enough evidence’ so do everything they can to deny Australian from access Ivermectin to treat covid – as they impose compulsory mask mandates while driving a car, and tout for everyone to be injected with the vaccines.”
Mr Hunt was asked about Mr Kelly’s claims and why he wasn’t shutting down his views.
“There will be others with different views,” he said, skirting the issue.
“I do believe a vaccine is necessary, I couldn’t be clearer…I’m not going to enter into a debate, respectfully.
“My job is to set out our advice, and our advice is that the vaccines that our medical regulators have chosen will keep Australia safe.”
This was the moment Mr Hunt was pressed on why he wasn’t contradicting Mr Kelly and he looked noticeably uncomfortable:
In an interview on the ABC, Michael McCormack – who’s also under dire today – addressed a question about Mr Kelly spreading misinformation.
“Facts sometimes are contentious and what you might think is right, somebody else might think is completely untrue. That is part of living in a democratic country.”
He insisted he was against censorship, adding “Is it right that somebody then decides who gets taken down and who gets left up? Imagine being on that little jury. I wouldnt want to be on that jury. I dont think we should have that sort of censorship in our society.
“I am not in favour of censorship. I am a former newspaper editor and journalists know that they have the right to free speech.
“There are 102,000 names on the war memorial in Canberra etched into that bronze who fought so we could have a democratic country, so we could speak freely and it is every free-born persons right to uphold that freedom of speech. I do stick by that.”