If you’re looking to find a new job during the busy recruiting month of January, a new analysis from LinkedIn might offer some good starting points. 
As many Americans are still looking for work amid the pandemic, with many still laid off or furloughed, LinkedIn has put together a new report illustrating 15 kinds of jobs that are on the rise.
To do this, LinkedIn looked at the percent change in job opportunities across various positions between April 2020 and October 2020 and the same time frame the year before. LinkedIn then ranked these 15 job areas by both the year-over-year growth rate and demand, or the number of job postings available.
As LinkedIn notes in its report, some of these jobs saw more hiring opportunities emerge as a result of the pandemic, like healthcare support staff and nurses. 
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Andrew Seaman, senior news editor at LinkedIn, told Insider the report shows there are job openings right now for people with all different kinds of job aspirations and backgrounds, as the occupations in demand are not just within one particular industry, but across various ones and with different education or skill requirements.
Because each of the 15 job trends identified includes various specific job titles, we also included the three largest of those titles from the report to get a better sense of the kinds of jobs that fall under this grouping, as well as their median salary ranges, per LinkedIn.
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