Hong Kongs Chief Executive Carrie Lam chided Western politicians on Tuesday for condemning the Capitol riots but not protests in the territory.
“Some overseas commentators or politicians were sort of condoning or encouraging these sorts of activities under the guise of democracy, but when the same thing seemed to happen in their own country, they immediately took a very different approach to condemn the violence,” Lam told reporters at a weekly press conference.
Hundreds of thousands of people in Hong Kong took to the streets in 2019 to protest against a controversial extradition bill. The sustained protests then became more general pro-democracy demonstrations.
That July, pro-democracy protesters broke into Hong Kong’s legislative building, spraying graffiti on the walls and hoisting the flag that the city used before it was governed by China. 
Last week, Hong Kong police arrested over 50 pro-democracy figures for allegedly violating a stringent new national security law in a sweeping crackdown on opposition.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been a critic of Hong Kongs crackdowns on opposition figures, and said in December a new national security law “makes a mockery of justice.
The Associated Press contributed to this reporting.