NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says her government will require travellers to quarantine for 14 days from the beginning of their symptoms if they test positive for highly contagious UK strain of COVID-19.
She said new strains of coronavirus were being identified all around the world and it was sensible to pause the repatriation of Australians abroad to deal with the mutant strains.
“They now exist in over 30 countries and the virus is mutating all the time,” she said.
Berejiklian told A Current Affair that the hotel quarantine system needed strengthening and for some travellers, the 14 days of quarantine would now start from the first day of symptoms.
“You might test positive and not have symptoms or test negative and not have symptoms, so we’re actually going to be requiring people to potentially stay longer than the 14 days,” she said.
She pointed at international outbreaks as she reminded Australians of the importance not to become complacent with COVID-safety.
“If you look at other places in the world and you look at where we are in Australia, there’s a lot for us to be grateful for,” she said.