Union minister of state for agriculture Kailash Choudhary has recently said that Bharatiya Kisan Union leader Rakesh Tikait, who is one of the leaders of the protesting farmers, had supported farm laws and even had congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the laws were passed saying it would bring peace to Mahendra Tikait’s soul. “When the laws were passed, he had congratulated the prime minister saying that Mahendra Tikait’s soul must be in peace after 27 years and his dreams are being fulfilled through these laws,” the minister told PTI.
Mahendra Tikait was an influential and well-known farmer leader of Uttar Pradesh.
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The minister’s comments came ahead of the 9th round of meeting between the Centre and farmers, which hangs in balance after the Supreme Court stayed the implementation of the farm laws and set up a committee to broker peace between the Centre and the farmers. Since the new committee will now listen to the grievances of the farmers, union leaders are questioning whether there is any use of continuing the parallel talks which so far has not yielded any result.
The protest against the laws which farmers see as pro-corporates commenced on November 26 and is still going on. Farmers will not go back unless the laws are completely repealed, union leaders have said. The Centre, on the other hand, reiterated their stance that the laws will not be withdrawn, though some amendments can be accommodated.
Farmers are not willing to appear before the Supreme Court panel as well as they think the members of the panels are supporters of the farm laws.
“Unions are saying that the members in the committee had at some point supported the laws, but I would like to say union leader Rakesh Tikait had also supported the laws,” the minister said.
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