Marvel may be known for its crash-bang-pow action sequences and elaborate digital visual effects, but for WandaVision, its first live-action Disney+ show, the studio went back to basics.
WandaVision, premiering Friday on Disney+, follows Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany’s Vision as they’re thrust into a suburban, sitcom-inspired world of laugh tracks and classic clichés. The show moves through the decades, taking inspiration from shows like The Dick Van Dyke Show and Bewitched up through The Brady Bunch and Full House. To get that sense of sitcom faux realism, the show even filmed its first episode in front of a live studio audience.
EW has a first look at an exclusive featurette for the show, which teases a new glimpse of how WandaVision pulled off some of its classic sitcom stunts. It’s our first look at the behind-the-scenes of how Bettany and Olsen filmed in front of an audience, as well as a glimpse of how the show orchestrated some of its Marvel-worthy magic tricks. (When Wanda uses her magic to make household appliances float through the air, for example, the crew relied on classic wire tricks, inspired by the ones used on Bewitched.)
“We are kind of recreating a whole era of television and trying to do it with this authenticity,” director Matt Shakman explains.
Watch the video above. The first two episodes of WandaVision are streaming on Disney+ now.
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