Oh naw, the VAST minority of people owned slaves at the time, something like 30% of free people in the south owned slaves. Don’t fall for this idea that reinforces the “only a few white people did it” bullshit. Roughly 49% of free people in Mississippi owned slaves when the war started
” That, however, does not tell us the extent of slave ownership. To better understand the extent of slaverys impact, we need to realize a slave owner was the one person in a family who legally owned slaves. That person was usually the patriarch. There would be a spouse and sons and daughters who directly benefited from the familys slave ownership and who stood to inherit enslaved people, wrote Mackey. So, according to the Census of 1860, 30.8 percent of the free families in the confederacy owned slaves. That means that every third white person in those states had a direct commitment to slavery. “