Reminds me of the opening scene in The last sequel movie whose name I can’t be fucked to remember where they have to physically fly somewhere, plug the thickest ever data cable directly into R2D2 and wait 20 minutes for the transfer to complete to Acquire the groundbreaking, revealing secretive message of “Palpatine still lives, lmao”.
We know they have intergalactic data transfer fast and stable enough for FUCKING HIGH RESOLUTION HOLOGRAPHIC REAL TIME COMMUNICATION (THEY DO IT IN THE SAME FUCKING MOVIE) but they couldn’t send three words a couple light years far? That would’ve been enough to avoid the whole chase and all that. Hell, they literally could’ve shouted the information across faster than that. Even using their headlights to flash the message across in morse code would’ve been more practical. And if the justification is that the message was encrypted, I REALLY want to know what sort of encryption they use that inflates a three word message, or hell, even a three second holographic video, to a size that requires a twenty minute direct connection with a cable literally the size of my arm. I can download an entire Blu-Ray in 10 minutes on my shitty unstable low tier European consumer internet connection but they can’t get three words across without a 3 metre cable that probably contains more metal than my entire multiple thousand Euro high end Gaming PC.
Among all the outlandish shit in that movies, which includes the fact that Palpatine survived the literal disintegration of the Death star after already falling down a literal bottomless pit while shocking himself and That stupid fucking literal brain fart of an idea that his massive fucking fleet can’t tell up from down and That nonsensical triple fake out magic force kiss resurrection power and literal fucking physical intergalactic force teleportation with no sort of explanation, hint or training, This one fucking opening scene is probably the most immersion breaking thing I’ve ever seen in any movie. And I’ve seen the Room…
In case it wasn’t obvious. I was being mildly hyperbolic in this comment.