Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the congressional socialist with the mostest, took to Twitter to call for the end of America’s leading border control agency, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Yep. Nothing marks the end of President Donald Trump’s administration like the leftist call for less border control.
Out with the law and order, in with the utter chaos.
One need only look to the lines forming at America’s borders — lines? Make that mobs — to see how the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris White House will be run.
ICE, in a tweet, wrote: “Today we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of hope, justice and equality.”
And Ocasio-Cortez swooped in and responded with this: “Abolish ICE.”
It’s not that Ocasio-Cortez hasn’t been calling for the end of ICE for years.
It’s just that now, with Biden incoming and law and order Trump outgoing, and with the Senate and House in control of the Democrats — it’s just that now, unlike any other time in recent history, her anti-ICE catcalls actually have a chance of winding their way into action. To America’s great demise, no less.
As one reader of Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet wrote: “Honest question, not trolling. What’s your alternative to ICE? Because while I agree that undocumented immigrants are treated unfairly, I also know that allowing untold number of immigrants to flood in could stretch our resources.”
Valid point. 
Valid question.
Yet it’s one the far left refuses to consider — how indeed to provide for citizens already living legally in the United States, while opening the doors to more, many more, without first considering the dollars and cents of the situation.
Or the health and disease angles.
Coronavirus, anyone? Thing is, American citizens are having a hard time right now moving about and doing the things they normally do, like work and worship, because certain leftists in government want to exert powers and crack down on freedoms all in the name of COVID-19. Who’s going to crack down on the freedoms of those flooding the borders? Who’s going to test them for, say, coronavirus, before they enter?
In the world of Democrats, it’s foreigners first, American citizens, second.
And that’s the problem.
That’s the place where Democrats depart logic and desire the rest of the country to follow.
Sane Americans know abolishing ICE while opening borders wide and telecasting to the world that this new administration this New Democrat administration, welcomes all, with hardly a glance at pasts and affiliations and criminal records and terrorist tendencies — sane Americans know that’s a recipe for disaster.
It’s a recipe for complete crumbling and collapse of the American way.
It’s a devastating drain of the American economy.
Sane Americans know this.
But this is where the real problem lies: Democrats know this, as well.
They just don’t care.
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