As the United States takes measures to ban travellers from many European nations, Canada is starting to see a spike in planes carrying COVID-infected passengers from those countries.
Updated on Monday, Health Canadas list of flights with confirmed COVID-19 infections is showing an increase in flights from the Netherlands, the U.K., and France nations subject to an order Monday by newly-minted U.S. President Joe Biden which bans visits by non-U.S. citizens from those countries.
Bidens order extends travel bans imposed by his predecessor, Donald Trump. Brazil, South Africa, and 28 European nations, including the U.K., Ireland, Belgium, France, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Portugal.
The list of COVID-infected flights landing in Canada includes four from Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Jan. 10 and 17.
Since Jan. 10, 11 flights from Amsterdam arrived in Canada carrying at least one COVID case two instances of KLM Flight 677 landing in Calgary with between 13 and 16 rows affected by infected passengers.