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Canadas daily vaccination rate is the lowest in the G7, OToole said. Now, weve learned that there are no confirmed shipments of Moderna vaccines after this week.
This news is not only frustrating for Canadians, but devastating.
Whats also devastating is that Canada is looking to boost its vaccine supply by drawing on COVAX, the global vaccine exchange set up to make sure that countries can access doses, regardless of their wealth. Yes, Canada, one of the richest countries in the world, is drawing on the global vaccine bank for poorer countries.
According to the latest distribution forecast from COVAX, Canada is expected to draw on the organization for 1.9 million doses of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine, a vaccine we have not approved but are scheduled to buy.
This is nothing but an embarrassment for our country; were the only G7 country doing this.
Most of the countries getting vaccines from COVAX are countries that would normally receive foreign aid donations from Canada, like Afghanistan or Haiti not countries we would line up next to. This is the equivalent of a bank CEO shoving aside the unemployed guy to get to the front of the line at the food bank.
Trudeaus constant refrain of Canada having the most diverse portfolio of vaccines, the most per citizen is wearing thin. A recent Campaign Research poll shows that 54% of Canadians are blaming the Trudeau government for the lack of vaccines in this country.
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Canadians it seems are catching on.
We now sit at 34th in the world for vaccinating our population, down from 23rd this past weekend and 12th two weeks ago.
If thats not a sign of Trudeaus failure, I dont know what is.