Real Madrid are growing tired of waiting for Sergio Ramos to make a decision on his future and have set the month of March as the deadline for its resolution according to Mundo Deportivo.
Los Blancos want the matter to be settled once and for all following the culmination of their knockout clash with Atalanta in the Champions League, a game that carries titanic significance for the club and their ambitions for this season. The proposal on the table is a two-year deal with a 10% wage cut due to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.
Madrid wont budge from that position and the word on the street in the Spanish capital is that they expect Ramos to walk when his current deal comes to an end on 30 June.
The club want their captain to stay, but if he doesnt accept the offer on the table there wont be another one. They want to know as soon as possible so they can begin to plan for the coming season, with several incomings including David Alaba expected.
Ramos sparked a mini-controversy on social media a couple of days ago when he liked a tweet that criticised Madrid for not offering him the deal he wanted, and now his team-mate, Nacho, has weighed in on behalf of the club as pointed out by Mundo Deportivo.
The defender liked a tweet saying that Ramos cannot be given a blank check so that he can ask for whatever he wants, even less with the current social, sporting and economic situation. The disparity in positions hints at the difficult both parties are having in trying to arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement.