The beta version of WhatsApp is available today and contains the long-requested feature
WhatsApp Updates Again (Adobe Stock)
Developers of WhatsApp They are constantly working to change the platform from time to time and are full of unique features that set it apart from the competition. Duration is not ideal Zuckerberg’s Colossus, But the numbers continue for years, and will not be completely abandoned in the near future.
According to protocol, before the official release of a new update globally, newer versions of the application Released in beta For developers. New appeared today, It includes some interesting news and features that users have long requested. Here’s what it is.
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Details of the latest update (WABetainfo)
After many updates related to bug fixes and platform bugs, today WhatsApp Finally a new beta was released using some new original tools. We are talking, A feature that users have long requested: Badge marking a reference. In particular, a signal appears on the main screen whenever you are referred to a group. This lets you know when another user in the chat is writing a message Refers directly to a person.
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In addition, WhatsApp was introduced New sticker packs (Always very popular with users): We are talking about Tatars n tots. These are good smileys that allow you to express a mood in a positive way Without the aid of a written text.