It seems like companies are finally starting to put out convenient and functionally useful MagSafe accessories because Apple certainly isnt thus far. This is the ChargeFast MagSafe battery pack. It’s a 5000 mAh portable battery pack that can charge via either MagSafe or with a cable. For $55 from ChargeFast, this is a pretty convenient accessory, and it works very well with my iPhone.
I myself purchased this product directly from ChargeFast. But we recently discovered that ChargeFast isn’t the original manufacturer, and you can get this same product on Amazon or AliExpress for significantly less. But I can’t speak on the buying experience for this battery pack from Amazon or AliExpress because I haven’t done so.
What’s included
Included in the box, youre getting the battery pack itself and a short USB C cable. You can buy this battery pack in either grey, blue or green. I think the blue model I bought looks very nice and would be quite fitting on a pacific blue iPhone 12 Pro. Given that this is a 5000 mAh battery, it is on the thicker side. But its definitely manageable as far as holding it in your hand.
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Charging and Performance
Im primarily using this battery pack on my iPhone 12 Pro Max, but it is compatible with every iPhone 12 model. It’s also compatible with any Qi-wireless charging compatible phone. Youre of course not going to get the MagSafe magnetization factor with every phone. But as long as your device is Qi-compatible, you should be able to use this battery pack with no issues. And for good measure, I tested this out with my Google Pixel 5. I had absolutely no issues with charging.
As far as charging speeds, this battery pack can do up to 15 watts wirelessly and 20 watts through a wired connection. And this is a good thing for iPhone users because thats essentially the best the iPhone can do anyway. You’ve got two ports for charging your phone and charging the battery pack itself. A USB type-C and type-A port. Next to the I/O is an LED indicator letting us know the battery status of the charger.
Magnetization & Strength
The magnetization strength is pretty good given the overall heft of this charger. The iPhone 12 Pro Max weighs in around 230 grams, and this charger is about 190 grams. It’s quite impressive to see how well it holds up given that its well over 70% the weight of the phone itself. When shaking the phone around lightly, youre not able to get it to budge at least not on my iPhone. Overall, the magnetization is very reliable for daily use.
9to5Mac’s Take
Overall, this isnt a groundbreaking product by any means, but its definitely handy for iPhone 12 owners. And it’s going to be in my travel bag for the foreseeable future. What are your thoughts on this accessory? Sound off in the comments below!
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