NETFLIX star Eve Hewson has revealed that she almost quit acting as it’s a “difficult business” for women.
The Behind Her Eyes actress admitted that she questioned her career choice after some experiences she didn’t like.
Eve stars in Netflix thriller Behind Her Eyes
Eve appeared on tonight’s Late Late Show
But landing a part in The Luminaries reminded her of her love for acting.
She said: “There was a certain point where I questioned whether I wanted to keep going.
“It’s a really difficult business to be in, especially for women.
“I just had some experiences that I didn’t really like and I didn’t think it was worth it, really.
“It was the roles I had been auditioning for I think. When you get a little bit of success, they will sort of want to pigeon hole you as the girlfriend.
“You end up getting all the roles that are sort of more tailored to pleasing a make audience and I wasn’t suited for that.
“I didn’t want to be in that box so that was sort of why I was rethinking everything.”
She added: “But after the MeToo movement, things changed and I ended up reading the script for the Luminaries and I thought it was such a powerful female role.
“I booked it and I thought, ‘I’ll give it a shot and see if I still love it’ and I ended up falling in love with it again.”
Eve, who was born Memphis Eve Sunny Day Hewson, appeared on tonight’s Late Late Show.
And Ryan Tubridy asked what traits she inherited from her parents Bono and Ali Hewson, Eve admitted she didn’t get the singing gene.
She told him: “I definitely didn’t get the singing. I got the desire of attention from my dad.
“My mum’s quite a mysterious woman. I wouldn’t be able to reveal her traits.
“She’s pretty smart and I called her a few times crying when I haven’t booked the job that I wanted.
“But she’s always told me, ‘Get on with it. You’re in love with this thing, keep going and the right thing will show up’.”