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The 2020-21 NBA season has been like none other in history as the league attempts to navigate the COVID-19 virus and pandemic. They have put protocols in place to ensure the safety of everyone involved, but there have still been some hiccups along the way.
There have only been two teams in the league that hasnt had any postponements this season. That will make for busy weeks ahead for some teams, such as the Washington Wizards, San Antonio Spurs, Memphis Grizzlies, Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers, who have yet to play 30 games this season.
While the NBA has done its best to keep everyone as safe as possible, they are taking a big risk hosting the NBA All-Star Game in Atlanta. While they have urged fans not to show up to the city, as no fans will be in attendance and there will be no other event held, you know that will not happen. 
While the league has put in rules and protocols for the event, it is not sitting well with some players. Earlier in February, LeBron James spoke out against having the NBA All-Star Game. He called it a slap in the face for him and his teammates.
Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo shares the same sentiment as LeBron James, saying he would rather spend that time with his family than play in an NBA All-Star Game with no fans in attendance. 
Sacramento Kings point guard, DeAaron Fox, who was not selected to participate in the game, also had some harsh words, as he thinks it is stupid. You can add Paul George to the list of players that are against the NBA All-Star Game as well.
“I’m not a fan of it. I don’t think, in the middle of a pandemic, it’s something that needs to be had. I got fined for spending time with a teammate, for having a teammate over, yet we’re having this All-Star Game.”
Paul George on having the All-Star Game.
— Tomer Azarly (@TomerAzarly) February 24, 2021
In the video, Paul George discusses his opinion on the All-Star game and he is not a fan of it. He describes the hypocrisy of the event, mentioning his fine that he received for spending time with a teammate.
After telling players they would have a break from March 5-10, putting an All-Star Game together is a bad look. Selecting players and giving them the distinction of being an All-Star, like the NFL did with their Pro Bowl, would have been a better plan.
These players deserve some time away with their families to rest and recharge for what will be a jam-packed, fast-paced second half of the season.