Today is the release date of a new NVIDIA graphics card–the GeForce RTX 3060! At noon EST (or 9 AM PST), the latest in the 30 series of NVIDIA cards will be released, and you can be sure it’ll be a mad rush to get one in your cart and check out. Don’t waste time searching for the item while stock is running out! Below are the retailers that will have the graphics card in stock.
Of course, if you’re going to try and grab one today, you need to make sure you’re prepared! Just one login screen or payment update can be the difference between getting one and missing out, so check out our tips to give you the highest chances of ordering the GeForce RTX 3060:

  • Make sure you have an account at the store and all personal information is updated. Restocks put enormous strains on websites. On top of that, retailers will only allow you to hold it in your cart for a few minutes, if even that long, when it comes to items like this. Dont waste your chance trying to update your address or payment information!
  • Start refreshing the page early. Often, retailers wont put stock up at EXACTLY the moment they say. It may be a few minutes early or late. Get to the store page of the item you want before the restock time. You might get lucky!
  • Use Ctrl+F5, not just F5. This gives you a hard refresh that doesnt pull store information from the cache. So, you wont get outdated information and will be able to see the Buy button as soon as possible!
  • Its usually better to be on the computer rather than your phone. While that is not always the case, mobile websites arent always optimized for fast refreshing or optimized for mobile viewing at all, sometimes. However, sometimes you can have better luck on a mobile app than a browser site. Its not very often, though, so its best to start trying with your computer browser first.

Pick your retailer, make sure your payment information is up to date, and start hitting Ctrl + F5. Little things like this go a long way!
With that out of the way, here is where the GeForce RTX 3060 will be available:

    This link has both the 3060Ti and the 3060. The new cards are listings two and three!
    Amazon’s link is to the GeForce 30 series store page. The 3060 should show up here!
    No one would expect the 3060 at B&H! The product listings aren’t showing yet, but should around noon.
    Try your luck NVIDIA’s page! The 3060s should show up in the store listings around noon.
    Newegg is one of the places to go for computer parts, but that might mean it’s also the most difficult to land one at.

Good luck! Let us know if you get one in the comments!