Saudis have dismissed Mr. Bidens moves as efforts to differentiate himself from President Donald J. Trump, who forged an unusually tight relationship with Prince Mohammed that was largely run by his son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner.
Before the Khashoggi reports release, Saudi analysts accused the United States of doctoring it to demonize Prince Mohammed and using the issue to curry favor with Iran in hopes of facilitating a new nuclear deal. Others dismissed its findings as lacking in evidence.
Couldnt help while reading the US intelligence report on the murder of Khashoggi but to remember the old lady in that old commercial screaming, Where is the beef? Jaber Alsiwat, a Saudi engineer, wrote on Twitter.
The kingdom, he wrote, should diversify military production and move international investments away from the United States.
Americans have proven time and again that they are not reliable partners, he wrote.
Tensions have flared repeatedly in the 76 years since President Franklin D. Roosevelt and King Abdulaziz, Prince Mohammeds grandfather, laid the groundwork for a partnership based on American access to Saudi oil in exchange for a guarantee that the United States would defend Saudi Arabia against foreign threats.
While that agreement rested solely on strategic interests, the values of the two countries a democracy invested in protection of individual rights and an Islamic monarchy with little tolerance for dissent have been starkly different.
Some of Prince Mohammeds actions have exposed those tensions, such as his move forcing the resignation of Lebanons prime minister and his detention of hundreds of the kingdoms richest princes and businessmen in a Riyadh hotel on accusations of corruption, both in 2017.