Police in Port Moody, B.C., say a dog has been killed following a cougar attack in a quiet residential area early Wednesday morning.
According to a police statement, the cougar had been hiding in some nearby bushes on Foxwood Drive, when it jumped out to attack the dog out for a walk with its owner, just after midnight.
The dog’s injuries were so severe that it did not survive, despite the owner taking it to an emergency veterinary service, the statement said.
Officers searched the area for signs of the cougar but did not find it, it said.
The B.C. Conservation Officers Service has been notified of the incident, and police are asking residents to be watchful while out walking with their pets.
Any cougar or other wild animal sightings in residential or urban areas should be reported to the conservation service, but police say if it appears to be an emergency, call 911 for police assistance.