Russia and China have linked up forces to plan a joint base on the moon, sparking fears of an international arms race in space.
British and American forces are already boosting military forces capable of fighting battles against future enemies in space.
But the Russia China moon-pact means allied commanders are even more under pressure to boost space forces to catch up with them.
Space security has become increasingly important globally because satellite communications are so key to security, surveillance, intelligence-gathering and communications.
Bruce Jones, an expert on Russia and defence, said: Russia and China combining their resources, their finances and expertise could lead to all kinds of security threats.
How long will it be before humans live on the moon? Share your thoughts in the comment section
Russia and China on March 9, 2021 signed a memorandum of understanding for the joint construction of a lunar space station, Russia’s space agency Roscosmos said in a statement
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But most importantly it means that the west will be forced to react with their supposed plans to form a moon-base.
The agreement between the two countries will act as a force multiplier in that it will increase the capabilities of both.
Security for the west in space is enormously important because of our satellite technology which could come under threat.
It is important to most aspects of our lives and needs to be protected against any threat from outside.
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The Trump administration recognised the threat to satellite security in 2018 and formed its Space Force a military unit specifically aimed at protecting military satellites.
If satellites were hijacked by Russia or China it would mean large parts of the US air force, army and navy would not be able to communicate.
British commanders and the Ministry of Defence are poised to reveal a massive defence overhaul in the long-awaited Integrated Review.
It is expected to cut troops numbers and boost Britains military capabilities in space. Boris Johnson recently vowed to invest billions in the UKs new Space Force.
Seal of the United States Space Force as announced by President Donald Trump
Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, said: Any co-operation of this kind between Russia and China is always of concern.
“Security in space has long been extremely important and I expect this new announcement will mean it will become increasingly so to the UK military.
Anything that has an impact on our cyber and space security has to be watched very carefully and Britain will have to make sure its capability in this area can compete.
But this does not mean it should be one or the other, with ground forces being depleted.
The head of Britains armed forces General Sir Nick Carter said recently: We have all grown up with the traditional domains of army, navy, air force.
The future is going to be all about space, cyber, maritime, land and air.