In 2014, Tory MPs were effectively told not to campaign in Scotland without permission from Better Together, given the fear of gaffes. No such order is in place right now. Ruth Davidson, the former Scottish Tory leader, is heading south to the House of Lords after Mays Scottish elections and is expected to step back from frontline politics.
Douglas Ross and Anas Sawar, the leaders of the Scottish Tories and Scottish Labour respectively, are in their thirties and still in the first year of their party leaderships.
Billion-pound spending drive
Cabinet ministers believe one of the keys to turning back the tide of Scottish independence is to make voters realise the real world benefits of the Union.
The way we’ll save the Union is by showing Westminster can deliver for Scottish people and businesses, one adviser to a cabinet minister said. Last years UK Internal Market Act confirmed in law the UK Government’s right to spend money directly in areas devolved to the Scottish Government like transport and culture.
Ministers are already taking advantage of the clarification, announcing more than a billion pounds of spending in Scotland over the next decade which can be credited to the UK Government.
The Telegraph understands there is also a plan to create a new trade and investment hub in Edinburgh, with as many as 60 staff due to be working there by 2022.
Liz Truss, the International Trade Secretary, sees the base as part of a push to deliver more exports and investment for Scotland, with major trade wins to be announced there.
Saving the Union over cigarettes
At the heart of the fightback against Scottish independence is a pair of Scots: Michael Gove, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and Alister Jack, the Scottish Secretary.
Mr Gove has been tasked by Mr Johnson with strengthening the Union. Mr Jack, a businessman before entering parliament in 2017, represents Dumfries and Galloway.
Usually when cabinet ministers meet to discuss major policies they do so with meetings packed with advisers and note-takers that are planned well in advance.
That is not always the case for Mr Gove and Mr Jack. Instead, they often meet for cigarettes to thrash out weighty issues of the Union.
The Cabinet Office and Scotland Office are next to each other, meaning a speedy chat over a fag is easily arranged. A well-placed source said: Its literally by the bike sheds.