He told The Sunday Telegraph: Since we left the Transition Period the EUs attitude has been increasing bellicose.
First they criticised our British vaccine and then attacked us for not giving them enough of it; then they triggered Article 16, in some overnight spasm, to create a hard border they had sworn to avoid – and now they are petulantly refusing to ratify a trade deal which it took a year to negotiate.
As Brits, we traditionally honour our obligations but you have to ask yourself why are we continuing to pay this Danegeld to people who only treat us with open contempt in return?
Last week Mr Johnson came under renewed pressure from DUP leader Arlene Foster to tear up the intolerable protocol which has been blamed for causing major disruption due to added red tape and checks between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Mr Johnson said there was a need for symmetry and balance to post-Brexit trade in Northern Ireland, adding that unionists as well as nationalists – who favour the protocol because it ensures closer ties with the Republic of Ireland  – needed to support it.
He said: “There has got to be east-west consent to what is going on, as well as north-south. We want to make sure that is built into that.”
That came as Irelands foreign minister Simon Coveney was accused of missing the whole point of Brexit by a BBC interview after he complained that the UK was trying to strike a trade deal alone with the US.