MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Dentists in Wisconsin could administer the COVID-19 vaccine under a bill the state Legislature is scheduled to pass on Tuesday, a step being taken as the push to increase people for the coronavirus accelerates.
It was one of several coronavirus-related proposals up for votes on Tuesday. While it has broad bipartisan support, other Republican-backed measures are opposed by Democrats.
Other proposals would allow for landlords to charge fees for late rent, a rule Gov. Tony Evers’ administration wants to suspend due to the pandemic, and forbid limited term employees from taking leave without pay.
About 20 states have expanded who can administer the COVID-19 vaccine as part of the effort to speed vaccinations to slow the spready of the virus. Dentists in neighboring Minnesota and Illinois are already permitted to give the vaccine.
There are about 3,500 dentists in Wisconsin who could be enlisted to help vaccinate. They would also be authorized to administer the flu vaccine, under the measure.
The measure was up for a vote in both the Senate and Assembly. If it passes as expected, it would then go to Evers for his consideration.