Windows on a tablet still sounds like an unconventional combination, but Microsoft has proved that it isnt all bad. In fact, the Surface lineup has matured over the years and is now one of the best Windows tablets on the market. We’ve seen attempts by various OEMs to replicate the same experience as the Surface Pro, but honestly, there are only a handful of good options if you’re looking for a reliable tablet with a full Windows experience.
Customers looking for the best tablet experience should go with an iPad Pro as it makes so much sense. But for those who want a tablet with the flexibility of Windows, here are some of the best ones for you:
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Best overall: Microsoft Surface Pro 7
The Surface Pro 7 is hands down the best Windows tablet. Its 12.3 inch display is perfect for most users, and it’s slim and easy to carry around without any hassles. Even when you pair it with the Surface Type Cover keyboard, the Surface Pro 7 maintains a sleek profile and expands productivity with an excellent keyboard and trackpad combination. The Surface Pro 7 is currently available with Intels 10th-generation CPUs; however, we expect the new Surface Pro 8 to arrive later this year with new upgrades, including the newer 11th-gen or even 12th-gen Intel mobile processors.

    The Surface Pro 7 is the best Windows tablet on the market today that can easily turn into a lightweight laptop using the detachable Type Cover keyboard.

Best for power: Microsoft Surface Book 3
Currently the most powerful Windows tablet, Microsofts Surface Book 3 targets professional users who want raw power and the mobility aspect where one can quickly detach the display and jump into tablet mode. Available in 13-inch and 15-inch form factors, the Surface Book 3 can be configured with up to a 10th-gen Intel Core i7-1065G7 processor with NVIDIAs GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q design GPU with 6GB GDDR6 graphics memory. It comes with a sturdy bottom chassis that houses the keyboard, an extra battery pack, and a unique hinge design that resembles the links on a watch strap.

    The Surface Book 3 is the most powerful Windows tablet you can buy today offering great CPU as well as graphics performance with a detachable form factor.

Best business: Lenovo ThinkPad X12 Detachable
Lenovo has been hustling with its ThinkPad series, and one of the many models announced this year includes the ThinkPad X12 Detachable. It takes inspiration from the Surface Pro series with the tablet having a solid kickstand at the back while the detachable keyboard has ThinkPad styling, including the red TrackPoint in the center, along with dedicated left and right mouse keys above the touchpad. It’s highly recommended for on-the-go professionals who need a Windows 10 tablet instead of a typical 2-in-1 form factor. Notably, it also comes with the latest Intel 11th-gen Tiger Lake processors.

    This is Lenovo’s take on the Surface Pro series but with the goodness of the ThinkPad brand which means a rock-solid design and top of the line security in a slim form factor.

Best budget: Microsoft Surface Go 2
A more compact version of the Surface Pro, the Surface Go 2 is meant for users looking for a Windows tablet with a small footprint. It brings all the goodness of the Surface Pro tablet, including the rigid kickstand and its own Type Cover keyboard, but you’re limited on performance. The Surface Go 2 can be configured with either an Intel Pentium Gold 4425Y or an 8th-gen Intel Core m3 processor.

    The Surface Go 2 is a tiny Windows tablet hybrid made for customers that are looking for the design and flexibility of the Surface Pro in a smaller, compact packaging.

Best foldable: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold
Lenovo surprised us with its first foldable Windows device, the ThinkPad X1 Fold. Unlike any other Windows tablet on the market, this one comes with a flexible display and can be folded just like the Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone. It comes with its own kickstand and a keyboard that can either be used on a desk or can snap onto the bottom half of the tablet using magnets. Once attached, you can fold the screen at a 90-ish degree angle to have a small clamshell laptop. It’s a unique concept that’s going to cater to a very niche audience at a premium price.

    The first proper foldable Windows tablet, the ThinkPad X1 Fold is one of the most innovative products that also paved the way for future generation of Windows devices.

The Surface Pro 7 is the most balanced and reliable Windows tablet; therefore our recommendation of the best Windows tablet in 2021. It can easily glide through demanding office tasks, while at the same time it offers an excellent portable Windows experience thanks to its sleek design. We really wish that Microsoft would add a Thunderbolt port into the mix when it launches the Surface Pro 8, as it would make it the most flawless Windows tablet on the market.
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