We know we know nothing. Nelson commented on CNN’s report published last week.
“Yes, I saw a secret report (including unpublished attachments – editor’s note). This is basically what we thought. We do not know what the naval pilots saw. It’s starting to move, “Nelson said.
Former Florida Democratic senator became the second active congressional politician to look into space in 1986 after Jake Gorn. He now points out that as a senator from 2001 to 2019, he often talks to pilots who have seen UFOs.
“I spoke to the pilots during the Senate Armed Forces Committee hearing, and I felt that something was clear,” he said. It doesnt have to be alien. However, if this is the technology of one of our rivals, we should be concerned, “Nelson said.
However, he is convinced that the technology captured under the surveillance of UFOs, or UAP (unknown celestial phenomena), as the authorities now call ‘aerial phenomena’, does not belong to any political opponents.
However, he added with relief that the observations do not provide direct evidence of space visitors.
However, if we talk about extraterrestrial life in general, Nelson has a different opinion.
“People are looking for answers. Of course, from the first Star Trek, people want to know what’s in space. Are we alone? Personally, I do not think so,” Nelson added, adding that the universe is really large and that there is life on other planets.
Many skeptics have long believed that observations could be explained by a combination of natural phenomena and optical illusions.
Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.
The long-standing classification of the report brought nothing new. At least in the eyes of the public.
In the eyes of the authorities and the military, there is a significant change. The pilots do not seem to be afraid to report seeing the UAP. In the past, the subject was taboo among them, facing ridicule and fearing a career.
Now that the authorities have begun to take these reports seriously, they are likely to increase.
However, these observations do not have such a face of abnormality. These are common phenomena that are not similar to alien civilizations.