Is your New (Financial) Years Resolution to save some dosh? Equally, do you have an old phone lying around that you dont use anymore?
Or are you looking for an excuse to upgrade to something a bit fancier?
If youve got a phone in fairly good working condition, you might be able to score a nice little trade-in deal with your telco.
This is for Apple users. Optus is offering a cruisy $300 trade-in credit to anyone whos got an iPhone 7 or newer. So that list includes: iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone SE (2020),iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max. If its in good working order, Optus wants to know about it.
And sure, if youve got a newer model, you might be able to score a better price selling it second hand, but for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, thats a pretty sweet deal.
If you want to trade your old iPhone in at Optus, there are a few Ts and Cs – ie, you need to be a new or existing postpaid customer. The credit will then be applied to either your first or second bill after the trade, so its not a cash payout.
To get this credit, its as easy as following these steps:
Otherwise, do it the old fashioned way and visit an Optus store.
If youre looking for a new iPhone to replace your old device, Optus has also cut iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 prices. The iPhone 11 now starts at $699, which works out to be a $300 saving over the life of your plan. The iPhone 12 starts at $999, which is a $350 saving across the life of your plan.
Here are Optus 24-month iPhone 11 plans:
And here are Optus 24-month iPhone 12 plans:
Likewise, to be eligible for a Telstra trade-in, you must be a customer with a postpaid service, and your trade-in value will be applied as a credit to your bill within two billing cycles – or onto your credit or debit card if youre on an Upfront plan. To trade-in with Telstra, its as easy as following these steps:

  • Sign in to My Telstra on the Telstra website using your Telstra ID
  • Go to the Services tab, select your account number
  • Scroll down and click Got an Old Device?
  • Complete the assessment and youll receive instructions on how to send in your device

How much will you get? Well, it depends. For example, Telstra will only give you a max of $450 for a 64GB iPhone 11.
Looking to upgrade your Telstra plan? Right now Telstra is offering a $300 bonus trade-in credit if you buy any iPhone 12 (which would get you $750 for your 64GB iPhone 11), as well as a $250 discount on the iPhone 12 mini.
Here are Telstras 24-month iPhone 12 mini plans:
And here are its 24-month iPhone 12 plans:
If youre a Vodafone customer, you can trade in an old device for a credit towards your Vodafone bill or a brand new Vodafone plan. Youll need to:

  • Download the Vodafone Trade-In App
  • Take the phone into a Vodafone store, where someone will determine how much its worth
  • If theres no Vodafone store near you, you can call Vodafone Customer Care and ask about making a trade.

If youre looking for the best of the best with Vodafone, right now you can get $300 off the iPhone 12 mini, and $150 off the iPhone 12!
Here are Vodafones 24-month iPhone 12 plans:
And here are its 24-month iPhone 12 mini plans:
Kate Reynolds is Digital Content Editor atWhistleOut, Australias mobile and internet comparison site.