Donald Trumps presidency is one day closer to an end despite his continued misinformation and grievances about the Democratic electoral process, as reports indicate he was considering launching a streaming network to rival Fox News amid a wave of lies about unfounded voter fraud conspiracies. 
The president has still yet to produce any meaningful evidence to support his claims and, according to insiders, is actually already considering his career post-White House and plotting to launch a new right-wing news channel as part of a bid to wreck Fox in revenge for its being insufficiently loyal to his cause.
While Mr Trump continues to undermine democratic values and institutions and Mr Biden ignores him and calmly prepares for power, the US once again broke its record for new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, with at least 140,543 recorded in one day, according to Johns Hopkins University.
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Trump shares another Sean Hannity attack on election
Heres Sean Hannity on Fox News, delivering a short – and largely baseless – comparison between the 2020 US presidential election and the 1969 moon landings.
Copying Donald Trumps false claims of fraud and irregularities, and general disapproval of the legitimate counting and processing of mail ballots, Mr Hannity lamented that some states didnt seem as prepared to run their elections as the nation did when it reached the moon, some decades ago.
We are capable of so much more. We did send people to the moon and back, a pretty big accomplishment,” said the Fox host, who went on to claim that Democrats got everything they wanted, and criticised the legal counting of mail ballots postmarked by election day.
His other claims were, as we have come to expect, without evidence. 
Gino Spocchia13 November 2020 08:00
Fauci says another vaccine on its way
The USs top infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci has said the country is about to approve another coronavirus vaccine, following days after Pfizer and Germanys BioNTech announced their vaccine has proved 90 per cent effective.
EU has already signed an agreement for an initial 200 million doses of Pfizers vaccine
Gino Spocchia13 November 2020 07:26
Covid survivors should celebrate, says Rand Paul
The Trump-loving Republican senator from Kentucky has suggested that coronavirus survivors – like himself – should throw away their masks because you are immune. It goes against not just CDC guidance but also common sense, given the amount of evidence out there that people can be reinfected with Covid-19, and that the virus can come with more serious symptoms the second time around.
US has recorded more than 100,000 Covid-19 cases every day for the last week
Adam Withnall13 November 2020 06:33
AOC says Trump now has no interest in helping Americans over Covid crisis
Now the election is over it seems he has no urgency to help everyone in this country, she says
Graeme Massie13 November 2020 01:21
Trump will announce 2024 campaign quickly if Joe Biden certified election winner
Graeme Massie13 November 2020 01:17
Trump has empty schedule despite coronavirus surge
The president will receive a Friday update on Operation Warp Speed, the project to create a virus vaccine, but has no other official duties on his schedule despite record number of coronavirus cases in the US.
Graeme Massie13 November 2020 01:14
Obama says Republicans humouring Trump over election are putting democracy on dangerous path
Former president says GOP officials know better
Graeme Massie13 November 2020 00:59
Trump tweets a tall tale of ‘deleted’ votes
President Donald Trumps Twitter claim that an election technology firm deleted or switched large numbers of votes for him, giving many to Joe Biden, is a baseless theory thats not grounded in real data or evidence
Graeme Massie12 November 2020 22:53
Top officials: Nov. 3 election most secure in US history
The state and federal officials and election technology companies who run U.S. elections say in the strongest such statement yet that the Nov. 3 presidential election was the most secure in American history
Graeme Massie13 November 2020 00:57
Trump aide says presidents still thinks he has a shot at election
Kayleigh McEnany says outgoing president still thinks has a chance at beating Joe Biden, despite race being called last weekend.
Graeme Massie13 November 2020 00:56