Eighteen years ago, Nike released that advert – the legendary cage football tournament featuring master of ceremonies Eric Cantona. Remember that group of world-class footballers competing in a three-man football tournament on a boat? 
Course you do. Well, Nike are all for updating the classics. Thierry Henry and Francesco Totti aren’t back – but that classic silver ball most certainly is.
Nike’s Phantom GT range has had a nostalgic twist in 2020 and along with that gloriously shiny sphere, we’ve got some nice new Scorpion footwear as well. It’s the must-have range this winter.
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(Image credit: Nike)
Nike Strike Phantom Scorpion
The ball that we all had in the playground, reimagined for 2020
Colours: Chrome/Black | RRP: £27
Dripping in nostalgia (not literally)
Same curved pattern that recent Strike balls have
Updated Scorpion graphic!
Equally perfect for the garden or a competition on a ship
“First to 100 wins!”
You know the drill. Elvis plays, Figo swivels and Eric Cantona taps on the bars of the cage with his cane. This ball is lovingly adapted from the original 2002 version, yet has the look of the newer models. A great homage, indeed. 
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Nike Phantom GT Academy TF
The astroturf version of the new silver Scorpion boots
Colours: Wolf Grey/Metallic Silver/Black | RRP: £75
Suitable for a range of surfaces
Great ‘ringed scorpion’ logo incorporated
If you really are going to compete in a three-man football tournament – on a ship or in the street – you’re gonna need a pair of these. 
These silver Phantom astroturfs have the look and feel of some of Nike’s earlier astroturf boots – particularly the silver efforts that original Ronaldo wore. Yet they’re slap bang up to date with 2020 trends. 
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Nike Phantom GT Elite DF FG
Firm ground studded Phantom boots – inspired by 2002’s Scorpion campaign
Colours: Pure Platinum/Metallic Silver/Black | RRP: £250
Lace-up, like the early 2000s
The Phantom GT boots are the ones that the likes of Kevin De Bruyne dons – but even he would’ve sat at home in awe of the Scorpion ad.
What’s so great about these boots is that where the Nike Swoosh would’ve been on 2002’s Mercurial Vapors, the Scorpion logo is added. The black swirls are similar to those seen on the Vapors and this is an exact colour combination as used on Total 90 boots back that. This is literal Nike history. It’s wonderful.
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Nike Sportswear Women Air Force 1 07 SE
Nike Air trainers of the classic all-white look – with added silver Scorpion homage
Colours: Summit White/Black | RRP: £95
Fun twist on a classic trainer
Nice grey pattern by the heel
Here’s perhaps the subtlest nod to the Scorpion – in the new Air Force trainers Nike are releasing.
These particular ones are listed as part of the range but don’t have that big Scopion logo emblazoned on the side. Just a nice, silver pattern by the heel. It’s a good look.
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