The Kardashian-Jenner family have released the second part of their FaceTime prank that shows them randomly calling a handful of their celebrity friends.
The latest clip shows the extended gang targeting James Charles, Jennifer Lawrence, Jaden Smith, David Dobrik, Tyler, the Creator and many more famous faces. The prank features the entire family sitting in silence and staring at the camera.
James Charles picks up the phone in his face mask, answering: What is going on? as David Dobrik has the iconic reaction of: Thats f***ing ridiculous. 
Theyve both joked about their confusion in the comments of Kylie Jenners TikTok upload. James wrote: I thought I was about to get sued, as David said: I thought I was being recruited.
The video also features Jennifer Lawrences response of: I had to make sure it was real whats happening? while Tyler, the Creator looks baffled and says: Can you see me?
Fans and friends of the family are loving the upload, with one person writing: Jennifer Lawrence being genuinely shocked to get a call from you is the best thing ever, as another said: Why was tyler acting like this is the first time hes used facetime?
A third fan wrote: YOU CAN JUST CASUALLY CALL JADEN? Ima cry
It sounds like there might be a third part to this saga, with Kourtney writing the message: Its never ending beware friends beneath the upload.
Who are you hoping will be pranked next?