Fact check: US law allows companies to mandate COVID-19 vaccines Fact check: Meme about Clinton, Obama and federal deficit lacks context Fact check: Michigan townships had more registered voters than votes Fact check: 5 election statistics do not discredit Biden’s victory Fact check: Post falsely claims COVID-19 is another flu strain Fact check: COVID-19 is short for ‘coronavirus disease 2019’ Fact check: Wuhan lab, vaccine research affiliates not linked Fact check: Post falsely links Bill and Melinda Gates, Wuhan lab, Moderna Why USA TODAY fact checks people and statements in the news Fact check: Improper use of COVID-19 test gives false positive for Coca-Cola Fact check: Over 159 million people voted in the US general election Fact check: Vladimir Putin never made this viral speech about Muslims Fact check: NY Post pushes Trump to accept Biden’s victory Fact check: Bill Gates, Pfizer CEO plan to take COVID-19 vaccine Fact check: Viral Ball State conjunction image is artistic rendering Fact check: Pregnant women get vaccines; study needed on COVID-19 shot Fact check: Warnock sermon on ‘whiteness’ condemns racism Fact check: Vaccine ‘morally acceptable,’ Vatican says; claims missing context Fact check: Pelosi, Schiff were not arrested Fact check: Altered images suggest Nashville bomb wasn’t from RV Fact check: Post about Illinois’ economy missing context Fact check: Posts use 2019 image to make false COVID-19 vaccine claim Fact check: Burnt oranges, brown sugar won’t restore senses lost to COVID-19 Fact check: Images of Saturn, Jupiter with special effect are real Fact check: Viral photo of star is an illustration, not taken by Hubble Fact check: No congressional pay raise in COVID relief package Fact check: 2020 has been more deadly than recent years in U.S. Fact check: False claim of ties between Dominion Voting Systems and Bidens Fact check: Nurse who fainted after COVID-19 shot is alive and well Fact check: COVID-19 pandemic is not a simulation Fact check: Online post about Biden’s county wins is missing context Fact check: Fake tweet suggests shoplifting to prevent COVID-19 spread Fact check: Employers can require that workers get the COVID-19 vaccine Fact check: False claim that diesel generator charging electric car in image Fact check: False story about a mall Santa beating up a child molester Fact check: Post about Derek Chauvin is satire Fact check: San Francisco’s Abraham Lincoln HS name change isn’t final Fact check: Health condition, not COVID-19 vaccine, caused nurse to faint Fact check: Maxwell, French modeling agent in viral photo Fact check: Posts falsely claim cap was on Pelosi’s COVID-19 vaccine Fact check: Image of Pelosi at restaurant opening is from January Fact check: Flu activity is low, likely due to pandemic precautions Fact check: NASA warning of six days of darkness is a hoax Fact check: Quote about democracy misattributed to Thomas Jefferson Fact check: Pa. ‘COVID-19 winter activity restrictions’ meme is fake Fact check: Dominion Voting Systems has no foreign owners Fact check: ‘Greatest danger to American freedom’ quote misattributed Fact check: Thomas Jefferson quote on free press is fake Fact check: COVID-19 is far worse than the flu of 1976 Fact check: What’s true and what’s false about COVID-19 vaccine Fact check: Thalidomide, COVID-19 vaccine comparisons are misleading Fact check: Syringes with RFID technology track vaccines, not recipients Fact check: Story about United Airlines, BLM and toddler is satirical Fact check: Trump was Time magazine’s Person of the Year in 2016 Fact check: Photo shows 2018 gun control march, not 2020 pro-Trump event Fact check: Tipping began amid slavery, then kept former slaves’ wages low Fact check: Biden, Harris not China’s Xi are on Time’s actual cover Fact check: Claim of GA vote spike for Biden after pipe burst is false Fact check: Truth about margarine is more complicated than post claims Fact check: More study needed on vitamin D deficiency, COVID-19 Fact check: Yes, Hunter Biden is under federal investigation over taxes Fact check: Laptop repairman at center of Hunter Biden saga is alive Fact check: Post falsely claims CDC offers quarantine delivery service Fact check: Bell’s palsy likely unrelated to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine Fact check: Fake anti-Christmas quote attributed to Harris began as satire Fact check: Joe Biden legally won election Fact check: Obama, not John Hanson, was first Black U.S. president Fact check: No proof Patton called out ‘liberal Democrats’ Fact check: COVID-19 tests are real, masks do work Fact check: Georgia ‘suitcase’ video is missing context Fact check: Viral photo shows protest in Paris, not Oregon Fact check: False post online claims COVID-19 vaccine causes infertility Fact check: Altered image makes false claim about Person of the Year Fact check: False claim about Malia Obama came from satire site Fact check: List of ‘deadliest days in American history’ partly false Fact check: False claim says vaccine recipients in UK are actors Fact check: ‘Ludicrous’ statistical analysis supporting pro-Trump case Fact check: COVID tests aren’t used to collect people’s DNA Fact check: COVID-19 deaths rival Pearl Harbor toll in early December Fact check: Posts use altered image to make false claim about Biden injury Fact check: Woman charged with modifying absentee ballot applications Fact check: Joe Biden won most votes ever and fewest counties Fact check: McConaughey had critical comments about the ‘far left’ Fact check: Joe Biden has already secured enough electors to win Fact check: School bus was full of office equipment, not voting machines Fact check: 37-vote change in Georgia county was result of human error Fact check: Goya CEO named AOC ’employee of the month’ Fact check: Trump lost 2020 election Fact check: Sen. Kelly Loeffler wasn’t wearing a wire at recent debate Fact check: No soldiers died trying to seize election servers in Germany Fact check: 2017 image altered to make claim about votes for Biden Fact check: Even ‘backdated’ ballots wouldn’t affect Wis. results Fact check: Biden kept campaign events small Fact check: 2019 was deadly year for hate crimes Fact check: Obama, Bush and Clinton say they’ll be vaccinated publicly Fact check: Fake story claims Obama was arrested for espionage Fact check: Strict lockdowns, vaccine helped China Fact check: Clint Eastwood falsely named as author of post about Joe Biden Fact check: Post on decreasing Rx prices is misleading Fighting misinformation, lies
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