By Jaime Misalucha
For someone who lives alone and is somewhat allergic to dead silence, playing music has been a constant companion. For sure, you have wireless speakers scattered around your house and use one, if not all, especially when you feel agitated.
With all the barrage of speaker brands out there, it is tiring to scour through them one by one to find the speakers that will perfectly fit your lifestyle.
One trusted brand in delivering high-quality sound is JBL by Harman. Its newest JBL Charge 5 wireless speaker is a portable device that provides professional-quality sound anytime, anywhere.
It has an IP 67 rating which makes it waterproof and dustproofso worrying about it getting knocked out in the pool or even in the shower. Its rugged look with rubber bumpers gives it extra sturdiness that will make you less worried about breaking it and even throwing it around. But, just like any technology, treat it with care.
Like the previous models from the Charge series, you connect to the Charge 5 via BlueTooth, this time with Bluetooth 5.1. This actually makes connecting the Charge 5 much faster with a stronger Bluetooth connection.
Its sound performance is perfection, just as what is expected from sound devices from JBL. It can also perform up to 20 hours in one charging due to its 7,500 mah battery. Apart from that, it also works as a power bank. At the back of the JBL Charge 5 is a USB Type-C port specifically for charging. Beside it, covered by a rubber cap, is a USB-A port where you can connect and charge your phone.
On top of the device is the main control buttons. You have a dedicated PartyBoost button to pair your JBL Charge 5 with other Charge 5 units and even selected JBL speakers. JBL made sure that you have this option just in case one Charge 5 is not loud and perfect enough for you. But believe me, the JBL Charge 5 is loud! It can replace your soundbar for your Smart TV!
Beside the PartyBoost button is the volume down button. Next to it is the power button and the BlueTooth button. The volume up and the pause/play button is located beside the Bluetooth button.
The JBL Charge 5 is an excellent medium-sized speaker that produces loud and clear sound. I like its horizontal form as it wont take up too much space vertically. And that I can put it in front of a TV without blocking the view. The fabric that wraps around the entire speaker is also a nice touch. Although I always wonder how to clean it. But with its IP 67 rating, I guess there is no worry in washing it.