For someone who was prime minister for three years, Theresa May still seems a little naive about how journalism works. Would you like to write a comment article for us welcoming Joe Bidens inauguration, the Daily Mail asked. Yes, I think I can knock something out, she replied. Or words to that effect. 
So May set to work. Biden and Kamala Harris partners for positive action, respect for human dignity. Writes itself really. Bit of a contrast with the wild man I had to deal with. I never knew what to expect from being offered, sometimes literally, the hand of friendship to hearing him question core tenets of the transatlantic alliance.  
Mob storming the US Capitol: shocking. But now, a chance to restore the UKs role in world affairs. (I coined Global Britain you know.) My successor has made a mess of things, so I will just remind you what hes done wrong by repeating things Ive already said on the floor of the House of Commons. Threatening to break international law. Not good. Abandoning our position of global moral leadership as the only major economy to meet both the 2 per cent defence spending target and the 0.7 per cent international aid target. Bad.  Press send.