Flight paths have been scheduled, moving trucks have been spotted, and schools have been scouted.
The Trumps’ Floridian digs have even gotten a facelift.
On Wednesday, President Donald Trump is vacating the White House and heading to Mar-a-Lago, a ritzy enclave that has been dubbed “the winter White House” — at least for the last four years.
Trump’s private club and resort in Palm Beach, Florida, has served as the First Family’s gilded getaway throughout his presidency. But now he’s moving in.
I spent one day in the area in early January and found the sunny locale to be replete with multimillion-dollar mansions adjacent to high-end shopping and gourmet restaurants helmed by Michelin-starred chefs. Not to mention countless sports car sightings and miles of private beaches.
Trump bought the 17-acre Mar-a-Lago property for $8 million in 1985 and has since grown the Atlantic Ocean-facing compound into an opulent playground, with membership costing $200,000 (a sum that doesn’t include additional annual fees and minimum spends on dining). He switched his primary residence from New York to Florida in 2019. From billing the US government over $35,000 for hosting the prime minister of Japan to hosting a maskless New Year’s Eve party this year, Mar-a-Lago has made a number of headlines over his presidential term. 
Palm Beach seems like the perfect home base for a high-powered official or socialite, especially given that Wall Street hedge funds and their titans are also decamping to the area. Some neighbors aren’t thrilled at the prospect; a few have even taken legal action to try to force him to live elsewhere.
Here’s a look at the property and immediate surrounding area, known to locals as Billionaires Row.