The Ford Ranger has been the undisputed king of the new-vehicle sales charts in New Zealand for seven years now. Kiwis love utes and we love the Ranger to the point of giving it cult status.
But does it surprise you to learn that NZ is somewhat unusual in its overwhelming love for the big Ford?
Australian insurance company Budget Direct has taken a detailed look at new-vehicle sales around the world from 2019 and the results give a real insight into the differing automotive wants and needs of other nations.
As you might have guessed, Toyota is the most popular brand overall, topping the charts in 41 countries. The Hilux also happens to be the biggest-selling single model in Australia. Remember when that was the case in NZ? Hilux is actually the top seller in 16 different nations.
Toyota is especially strong in the wider Asia and Oceania region (of which NZ is a part), although there are also a few top-sellers that might seem quirky to Kiwi eyes: the Honda N-Box kei-car (Japan), Suzuki Alto (Sri Lanka and India, as the “Maruti Alto”) and something called a Wuling Mini Truck in China.
NZ motorists probably identify strongly with European car culture. While most of the cars on the top-sellers list will be familiar, you might be surprised just how popular they are. The Skoda Octavia rules the roads in Finland, the Ford Fiesta is top in the United Kingdom and they can’t get enough of the Fiat 500 in Lithuania. First choice for buyers in Georgia is the Dacia (Renault to us) Duster!
The Tesla Model 3 is the top-selling car in Norway – but you probably knew that already. Europe’s biggest-selling car overall is still the evergreen Volkswagen Golf.
Check out the individual maps for Asia and Oceania, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Central Asia/Middle East in the gallery below. To see a configurable table for the most popular makes, models and car types in each country, visit Budget Direct here.
Best selling cars in each regionNorth America: Ford F-150 (also the biggest-selling single model in the world)South America: Chevrolet OnyxEurope: Volkswagen GolfAfrica: Toyota HiluxCentral Asia/Middle East: Toyota Land CruiserAsia/Oceania: Toyota Hilux