The European Union expects to have received roughly 406.5 million vaccine doses by the end of June.
According to The Irish Times, this would put Ireland in a position to have roughly half of the population vaccinated by then.
The latest figures available say the European Commission will have 33 million vaccines delivered this month, 55 million in March and 300 million between April and June.
18.5 million vaccines were shared between the 27 member states in January, 17.6 million were Pfizer BioNTech vaccines and the remainder were the Moderna version.
Ireland could have 4.47 million doses by the end of June, which reflects its population of just over one per cent of the overall EU.
The State has administered just under 200,000 doses of the Covid vaccine, Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly confirmed on Monday.
The HSE said a total of 199,800 vaccines have been given to date – 150,500 first doses and 49,300 second doses.
Last week some 50,900 doses were administered in the Republic.
Ireland has received delivery of 207,330 vaccines so far, HSE chief Paul Reid said.