Hotfix 1.2.2 is out now
Characters from Destruction AllStars.
Image: Sony
Sony released the car-smashing game Destruction AllStars exclusively for the PlayStation 5 on Tuesday, but it shipped with one very annoying feature: voice chat in multiplayer matches was turned on by default, meaning you could be subject to the unfiltered comments and background noise from your opponents. And worse, it wasnt immediately obvious how to turn voice chat off.
On Friday, however, developer Lucid Games addressed the issue by releasing a hotfix for the game that disables voice chat in multiplayer lobbies by default (via Kotaku).
I jumped into a couple of matches with the hotfix installed to test things out, and I was greeted with glorious silence from my fellow players. However, it seems theres no option for public voice chat at all right now. I couldnt find a way to turn on voice chat in the games menus. Before this patch, you could mute voice chat on a per-match basis with the PlayStation 5s Activity Cards, and I didnt see a way to turn on voice chat from those either.
Perhaps public voice chat will return at some point down the line, though, as Lucid Games said it is actively working on longer-term enhancements to the voice communications system. And if you want to play Destruction AllStars with friends and voice chat with them, that should still work, too. I was able to chat with a Verge colleague as part of a party we made with no issue.
Here are the full patch notes:
Fixed several client crashes relating to Multiplayer Lobbies and UI.
Lucid Games (@LucidGamesLtd) February 5, 2021