An Australian woman has copped a hefty fine after being filmed shouting at teenage McDonald’s staff.
The incident, captured at Kempsey McDonald’s on NSW’s Mid North Coast, was quickly posted to a local Facebook group before being brought to the attention of police.
It is understood the woman was unhappy with the wait time on her order and unloaded on the staff at the top of her voice. Bewildered staff are heard asking her to “settle down” as her child attempts to calm her outburst.
“Twenty f***ing minutes,” she screamed. “No, don’t tell me to f***ing settle when you can’t even cook a fresh f***ing meal.”
Her son can be heard saying, “stop it, mum”.
Mid North Coast Police District confirmed they were taking measures against the unnamed woman after the controversial video started gaining attention on social media.
“The incident involved reports of a female aggressively abusing [several] staff, including teenage employees, over a dispute on the time it was taking for her order to be processed,” a statement read.
“During the incident, the female was alleged to have used extremely offensive and abusive language towards the employees.”
Police confirmed the woman showed “considerable remorse” after being slapped with a $533 (A$500) on-the-spot Criminal Infringement Notice fine.
Police said they were “continuing to provide support to the staff involved” after the incident, and reminded the community that “conduct, language and behaviour must meet minimum community standards, and those that fall below those expectations, can expect action to be taken”.