In the past, we’ve grown accustomed to rather lacklustre bundled routers when it comes to home broadband plans in Malaysia. However, as the digital needs of users increase, telcos have also responded with improved equipment—including mesh systems, and even WiFi 6 routers. Now, Maxis has introduced new mesh-ready WiFi 6 routers as part of its home broadband bundles—depending on your package, the new router is available for free.
Sound good? Here’s what you need to know.
What’s so special about this?
WiFi 6, as a technology, isn’t so much about raw speed for individual devices. Instead, it’s about improving the network when a number of different devices are connected at the same time. Most home networks probably have at least 4–5 devices connected at any given time, which is why WiFi 6’s ability to communicate with more devices at once, along with other features, is important.
However, you should note that you need WiFi 6 (AX-compliant) devices to take full advantage of WiFi 6’s capabilities. Many modern laptops and mobile devices already come with WiFi 6 support, so you’ll need to check with the specs of each individual device you have, or are planning to buy. In the meantime, older WiFi 5 devices will still work with WiFi 6 routers.
Maxis’ WiFi 6 routers, and how to get one for your home
As mentioned, the new Maxis WiFi 6 router is available for free with all new installations of Maxis Fibre 100Mbps plans and above. Installation is also provided for free by Maxis’ “internet experts”, Maxperts. Here’s a quick breakdown:
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Maxis also promises that existing EasyMesh devices are supported by its WiFi 6 router, which means that those of you who need further coverage can expand your network via mesh satellite nodes. For some context, EasyMesh is a WiFi Certified standard which ensures that network hardware is compatible regardless of manufacturer, which means that you’ll be able to pick up different models—so long as they’re EasyMesh-compliant.
If you need more mesh nodes, Maxis has confirmed that you’ll need to pay RM25/month for 24 months for a pair. To buy the nodes outright, you’ll be charged RM300. Meanwhile, for 500Mbps and 800Mbps plans, two units of mesh WiFi will already be provided for free in the bundle. If you need more, you’ll be subject to the fees mentioned above.
At the moment, the full specs of the WiFi 6 router is not available, although Maxis assures us that these will be made available soon. From what we know, the router is manufactured in partnership with Korean company, Kaon, as well as network giants Huawei. Based on an educated guess, it looks like Maxis is providing the Kaon Broadband Router, which is WiFi 6 compatible (of course), while supporting IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.
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