Kristen Stewart has opened up about coming out as queer and dealing with the public interest in her personal life.
In an interview with InStyle, Kristen said it took some time for her to figure out her sexuality: The first time I ever dated a girl, I was immediately being asked if I was a lesbian. And it’s like, ‘God, I’m 21 years old.'”
I felt like maybe there were things that have hurt people I’ve been with. Not because I felt ashamed of being openly gay but because I didn’t like giving myself to the public, in a way. It felt like such thievery. This was a period of time when I was sort of cagey.
She hinted that dating Robert Pattinson brought about the kind of attention she wanted to avoid.
Even in my previous relationships, which were straight, we did everything we could to not be photographed doing thingsthings that would become not ours.”
When she began dating women, Kristen said she felt hounded about labelling herself.
I had no reticence about displaying who I was. I was going out every day knowing I’d be photographed while I was being affectionate with my girlfriend, but I didn’t want to talk about it.
These days, Kristen is proud to be a queer icon. She’s currently dating screenwriter Dylan Meyer and their relationship seems to be going from strength to strength.
 I love the idea that anything I do with ease rubs off on somebody who is struggling,” she said. “That s**t’s dope! When I see a little kid clearly feeling themselves in a way that they wouldn’t have when I grew up, it makes me skip.”