Fast internet is still not something you can take for granted in Australia, but it is getting more accessible. With the continued (albeit slow) spread of FTTP and HFC connections, downloads of up to 1,000Mbps are increasingly possible, though you’ll usually pay through the nose for it.
But 2021 has seen a bunch of providers chipping substantial amounts off monthly bills. If you have an FTTP or HFC connection and aren’t currently on a lock-in contract, it seems wise to switch between providers depending who has the best deal on the highest speeds. As you’ll see below, ISPs like Aussie Broadband, MyRepublic and Superloop are offering limited time cuts with no lock-in contract, meaning you can pay as little as AU$99 for NBN 1000.
Perhaps the biggest surprise is that Telstra is offering substantial discounts on its own NBN 250 plan, though that one does have a lock-in contract to the tune of 24 months. You’ll pay AU$100 per month for six months, and then AU$140 for the remaining 18 months.
But the best deal is arguably MyRepublic’s current NBN 1000 plan, which has unlimited data, no lock-in contract and comes in at AU$99 per month. That price will last for the first six months, after which you’ll revert to the usual monthly price of AU$129.
The next best NBN 1000 plan comes courtesy of Aussie Broadband, which is also an unlimited data and no lock-in deal, though you’re looking at AU$119 a month for the first six months, which will then change to AU$149 per month. For that one you’re going to need the coupon code FAST30.
If your connection won’t allow 1000Mbps you’ll want to get an NBN 250 plan, which Aussie Broadband is also currently discounting: AU$99 a month for the first six months with unlimited data and no lock-in contract. Again, once that six-month deal period is over, the bill will rise to AU$129. You’ll need the FAST30 code for this one as well.
Finally, Superloop is offering its own NBN 250 service for AU$99.95 per month for six months, which will rise to AU$119.95 after that period is over. 
If NBN 250 is out of your reach or you’re just not up to speed with how things work, you can also check out our broader look at NBN plans for gaming.