The old have been taking the vaccines in their droves. But what if the young prove less keen? What if they simply cant be bothered to get an injection? Could that foil Britains hopes of seeing off the pandemic?
These were the questions troubling Sir Desmond Swayne (Con, New Forest West) in the Commons today (Tuesday). Perhaps, suggested Sir Desmond, the Government could launch some form of promotional campaign, aimed squarely at the youth of today, urging them to have the jab. 
Happily, Matt Hancock was one step ahead of him. Sir Desmond, declared the Health Secretary, could rest assured. 
We are absolutely planning, he cried, to instil as much enthusiasm as we can muster among young people!
This sounded very exciting. Precisely how Mr Hancock intends to instil the young with this enthusiasm, he did not reveal. But if, as suggested, he is plotting a promotional campaign to target the young, there could be no better man for the job. After all, hell be able to draw on his extensive knowledge of the latest youth trends.
Although he is in his 40s, Mr Hancock has long boasted of his affinity with youth culture. Indeed, while a minister in the Culture department back in 2017, he wrote a comment piece for a newspaper, headlined: As a grime fan, I know the power of the UKs urban music scene. 
Admittedly, some observers have questioned whether Mr Hancocks understanding of this scene is quite as thorough as he makes out. After attending the Mercury Music Prize awards ceremony in 2016, he informed a journalist that he was a devoted admirer of the winning act, a London-born rapper named Skepta. When the journalist asked him to name his favourite Skepta track, however, Mr Hancock appeared to suffer a sudden bout of amnesia reportedly turning to an aide and murmuring, Jonathan, help me out here. 
In reply, the aide suggested a song named Shutdown which Mr Hancock had in fact witnessed Mr Skepta performing onstage earlier that same evening.
At any rate, after todays tantalising announcement in the Commons, MPs will be looking forward to finding out what Mr Hancock comes up with. Unconfirmed reports suggest that we may see a video for social media, in which Mr Hancock sporting a shellsuit and baseball cap rolls up to the camera on a skateboard, and informs his audience that, without official vaccine certification, they will be barred from entry at their local youth club or discotheque. 
The Health Secretary will then add that, in clinical trials, the vaccines have been found to be up to 96 per cent wicked. And finally, inspired by his very favourite grime artists, Mr Hancock will perform a rap of his own composition. 
Yo kids, you dont need the wisdom of Seneca/ To know you can trust in Oxford AstraZeneca/ So listen to my man, the Chief Medical Adviser/ And go book yourself an injection of Pfizer.