Kendall Jenner is opening up about her past struggles with acne. The model recently got together with her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, to film a drunk get-ready-with-me video for Kylie’s YouTube channel. In between taking shots, Kendall got sentimental about her relationship with makeup and how having acne affected her self-esteem as a teenager.
“I had really bad acne in middle school,” she said. “The summer before ninth grade is when all my acne went crazy, and I was like, “Sh*t, I’m going into high school.'” Kendall mentioned that, once she discovered makeup, she’d attempt to use it to hide her acne, despite having very little experience with applying it.
“I would have so much acne, and I would try and do my makeup,” she said. “Every morning we would show up to school and we’d be walking up the stairs, and I’d be like, ‘Can you see my acne?,’ and you would say, ‘No, you look beautiful,’ and I knew you were lying, but I appreciated [that].”
The story caused both sisters to get a little emotional especially Kylie. “It always made me so sad to talk about it . . . you’re so beautiful,” she said through tears.
Once they wiped away their tears, the sisters carried on with the rest of the 16-minute video a FaceTime call with Kris Jenner included and managed to end it with some stellar makeup looks that’ll probably make you forget that they spent the entire video taking shots of tequila.