If you think the current crop of superbikes arent quite wild enough, this is for you. As well as every sci-fi fan.
White Motorcycle Concepts has created a crazy new electric motorbike that ditches the traditional motorcycle design in favour of an awesome, futuristic, hole-through-the-middle, ultra-aerodynamic look.
That huge hole has one pretty obvious function to let air pass straight through the centre of the bike. Officially called V-Air, the duct reduces drag up as much as 70 per cent and helps the WMC250EV (the name of the bike) towards a top speed of more than 400kmh.
Air passes right through the centre of the attractively-named WMC250EV.
As the last two letters in the bikes name suggest, the machine is electrically driven. Thats also what has allowed founder Robert White to create the V-Air duct in the first place.
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The 15kWh battery pack is mounted like a slab below the rider to drop the centre of gravity and keep the centre of the machine free.
It isnt designed to handle well, the only thing it wants to do is go very fast in a straight line.
Two 30kW motors drive the rear wheel while another pair of 20kW motors are attached to the front wheel, making the thing all-wheel drive. Both ends benefit from energy recuperation too.
Theres no front forks to speak of, the front wheel instead being suspended via another swingarm of some sort.
A grand total of 100kW isnt all that much, especially considering the WMC250EV weighs around 300kg, more than 100kg more than your average 1000cc superbike. Although, considering the aerodynamic profile is about the same as a drinking straw, that 400kmh goal seems within reach.
Both wheels are powered, with four motors in total generating 100kW combined.
Max Biaggi, former world champion, currently has the record for fastest speed across a quarter-mile on an electric bike. The Italians top speed for the two-way pass was 394kmh, with a fastest one-way speed of 407kmh.
Thats what White is targeting, and he reckons the WMC250EV will get there.
As impressive as that is, whats even better is the fact that the shape is currently being patented to (hopefully) be applied to road-going electric two-wheelers. Commuting on something that looks straight out of Star Wars? Count me in.