Former gang boss John Gilligan was filmed enjoying drinks in a Spanish hotel pool bar on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the murder of Veronica Guerin.
In the video which was posted on social media on Friday night, Gilligan can be seen sitting with a number of pals at the poolside bar at the Dña Monse Hotel in Torrevieja, Alicante laughing and smiling for the camera.
One of his pals boasts how Gilligan has bought two rounds for the group and says its not often you get two drinks off him while others repeatedly chant he didnt do it in the background.
The group laugh and shout and raise their glasses in the video which was posted on Friday ahead of the anniversary of the murder of Sunday Independent crime journalist Veronica Guerin.
Earlier this week Gilligan turned and walked away when confronted by an Irish Daily Star journalist who asked him about Veronicas murder outside his property in Alicante.
Veronica was murdered by Gilligans gang on June 26th 1996 as she stopped in traffic on the Naas Dual Carriageway.
Gilligan was tried for the murder but was acquitted.
Gilligan gang member Brian Meehan was the only member of his gang convicted of the killing and is currently serving a life sentence.
Gilligan (69) was later convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to 28 years which was reduced to 20 on appeal and was released from in 2013 after serving 17 years.
After his release from prison he was shot and injured by a gunman at his brothers home in Clondalkin and later fled Ireland in terror.
Yesterday the family of Veronica Guerin, remembered her with a private mass, due to Covid restrictions.
The National Union of Journalists (NUG) also marked the anniversary with a wreath-laying ceremony in the Veronica Guerin garden within the grounds of Dublin Castle.
Writing in todays Irish Independent, Justice Minister Heather Humphries said Veronicas legacy is the Criminal Assets Bureau set up the aftermath of her brutal murder which deprives murderers and drug pedlars of the proceeds of their crimes.
Minister Humphries said: Six weeks after her murder, the Proceeds of Crime Act 1996 was enacted. Two months after that, the Criminal Assets Bureau Act was passed. In doing so, the Oireachtas created an innovative model for depriving murderers and drug pedlars of the proceeds of their crimes. This will continue to be Veronicas enduring legacy.