Journalist mixes up Bill Clinton with Bill Cosby. Video / BBCA BBC journalist accidentally referred to Bill Clinton when she was reporting on Bill Cosby.
The live-on-air gaffe happened when reporter Michelle Fleury was introducing a report on Cosby’s shock prison release. The 83-year-old was able to return home due to a legal technicality, just two years into his 10-year sentence for sexual assault.
News anchor Huw Edwards introduced the report before crossing to Fleury.
“Huw, for the last two years this has been where Bill Clinton has called home,” she says, pointing towards a State Correctional Institution behind her.
“But tonight he will sleep in his own bed after the bombshell decision by Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court to overturn his conviction for sexual assault on the grounds that his 5th Amendment right – that is the right against self-incrimination – were violated.”
Edwards was forced to immediately clarify the error on air.
“Just to clarify, what was said there in Michelle’s introduction to the story, when she mistakenly said Bill Clinton instead of Bill Cosby we apologise for the mistake,” the broadcaster said.
Despite the rapid apology, users on social media picked up on the blunder. One viewer joked they hoped it wouldn’t result in a legal “Bill” from Clinton.
BBC reporter calls Bill Cosby Bill Clinton by mistake. Hopefully a legal Bill wont follow
— Tony Shepherd (@tonysheps) June 30, 2021
Oops, the reporter just got Bill Cosby and Bill CLINTON mixed up on live TV
— Kate Wright (@kwrightwrites) June 30, 2021
I swear I just heard that BBC reporter just mix up Bill Clinton with Bill Cosby
— Thomas Mills (@ThomasMills_) June 30, 2021
OMG the news reporter on @BBCNews this evening was reporting on Bill Cosbys release but in her report she commented on the fact she was standing outside a prison that had been home to @BillClinton for the past two years. #embarrassing
— Ali Jones (@alijones1719) June 30, 2021
“That error on bbc with them referring to bill Cosby as bill Clinton will have conspiracy theorists foaming at the mouth,” a Twitter user said.
Another wrote: “Clarification I didn’t expect to hear on @BBCNews this evening, an apology for a journalist’s confusion of Bill Cosby with Bill Clinton.”
The news about Cosby’s conviction being overturned sparked a wave of reaction from celebrities, and several expressed their anger over the court’s ruling.