SOPHIE Toscan du ­Plantiers brother claims evidence gathered by cops shows Ian Bailey killed his sister.
Bertrand Bouniol said his family were determined to see the ex-journalist jailed.
Bertrand Bouniol said his family were determined to see the ex-journalist Ian Bailey jailedCredit: Alamy
Sophie Toscan du PlantierCredit: Rex Features
The French filmmaker, 39, was beaten to death at her holiday home near Schull, West Cork, on December 23, 1996.
No one was ever charged with the murder and the case is back in the headlines after the recent release of two documentaries.
Self-confessed chief suspect Bailey who has repeatedly denied having any involvement in her death was found guilty in his absence by a French court two years ago.
He had no legal representation at the trial, which he dubbed a “farce”.
Bailey, 64, was twice arrested by gardai and ­questioned about the killing but was never charged in Ireland.
Bertrand said of the French ­guilty verdict: “Its an important thing for my parents, for my nephew, for us, because for the first time these objective people have defined that hes guilty and thats important for us.
“But at the same time, hes guilty, but hes still free. (My folks) want to go one step more and to have this man in jail.”
He told RTE Radio 1 he has watched both the Sky and ­Netflix docs about his sister.
His family withdrew from Jim ­Sheridans Sky project at the last minute.
Explaining why, Bertrand said: “They told us that they want to also speak about Sophie so we said OK, we want to speak about Sophie.
“So, I met Jim Sheridan at different times with my parents and alone when he interviewed us.
“But from the beginning of his documentary it was clear he wanted to be a witness trying to understand what the case is.”
He claimed: “The objective of this documentary was not Sophie, it was Mr Bailey.
“And when you look at this documentary everything is focused on Mr Bailey.”