Fighting misinformation, lies Fact check: No evidence almond milk gives women larger breasts Fact check: Nevada hospital converted garage to treat COVID patients Fact check: CDC still endorses masks as COVID-19 protection Fact check: Dominion worker didn’t manipulate votes in Georgia Fact check: Post about presidents’ Thanksgiving eve is false Fact check: Politicians on both sides have flouted COVID-19 guidelines Fact check: Biden won popular, Electoral College votes in several battleground states Why USA TODAY fact checks people and statements in the news Fact check: Psaki was gifted a hammer-and-sickle hat from Russians Fact check: Ronald Opus and a too-bizarre-to-be-true suicide Fact check: Doctor hugs ‘lonely’ coronavirus patient on Thanksgiving Fact check: Coronavirus deaths in Africa are far less than in U.S. Fact check: Pope’s new book criticizes those who refuse to wear masks Fact check: False claim that ‘fake votes’ found during Wisconsin recount Fact check: Photo shows fake logo, slogan for Dominion Voting Systems Fact check: Viral warning on marijuana and Thanksgiving is fake Fact check: Photo of northern lights is NASA computer animation Fact check: PA mail-in ballot claim mixes primary, general election data Fact check: Fairness Doctrine only applied to broadcast licenses Fact check: Warrant for Joe Biden’s arrest is from fake court Fact check: Obama favored Clinton over Biden in ’16 Fact check: Facebook did not remove ‘President-elect’ from Joe Biden’s page Fact check: Cuomo will defer his annual raise Fact check: Cold, flu, flu shot will not cause positive COVID-19 tests Fact check: U.S. funded Moderna vaccine, with notable private donation Fact check: False claim on Nevada AG and signature verifications Fact check: Rittenhouse appears to have used unemployment funds to buy gun Fact check: Article gets Biden COVID adviser’s vaccine stance wrong Fact check: Joe Biden was never ‘wanted’ in Ukraine Fact check: How did media cover the 2016 and 2020 elections? Fact check: Kyle Rittenhouse picture mislabeled Fact check: Experts caution mouthwash’s effect on COVID-19 needs study Fact check: No, George Soros wasn’t arrested for election-related crimes Fact check: False claim that official suggested mandatory vaccinations Fact check: Joe Biden didn’t have a birthday party without masks Fact check: Inauguration prep is underway, but photo is from 1993 Fact check: False claim that Trump won the election ‘by a landslide’ Fact check: Melatonin could help against COVID-19, more studies needed Fact check: False claim that electronic voting software companies have closed Fact check: Parton helped fund Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine research Fact check: Viral video showing movers at the White House is satire Fact check: It’s unlikely Supreme Court will decide the election Fact check: Kamala Harris has agreed with decriminalizing sex work Fact check: Biden outperformed Clinton in most major metro areas Fact check: Alleged Dominion-Dems links are wrong or misleading Fact check: Claim about Graham’s calls to state officials is misleading Fact check: Federal Election Commission chair echoes false fraud claims Fact check: Claim of voting noncitizens in 2020 election is unverified Fact check: Wayne County board voted twice on certifying election results Fact check: False claim about Barrett ruling in Black teen’s death Fact check: COVID-19 paper doesn’t link government aid, vaccine Fact check: Map showing Trump landslide based on false info Fact check: Post about Stacey Abrams’ 2018 race is partly false Fact check: Trump’s campaign controls Facebook page description Fact check: Partly false claim about Georgia governor and 2018 election Fact check: CEO says Pfizer released vaccine news as early as possible Fact check: Doctors Without Borders has ended operations in U.S. Fact check: Critics redact Trump’s tweet to make him jokingly concede Fact check: False claim that 27% of mail ballots in S. Florida not delivered Fact check: Milwaukee flash drive incident unrelated to Biden votes Fact check: Story of Army raid, election servers in Germany is false Fact check: What’s true and what’s false about the 2020 election Fact check: Alleged pro-Trump rally images are from Cleveland, London Fact check: Fake Trump tweet echoing Halsey lyrics began as a joke Fact check: Ticketmaster explores tech to provide fans’ COVID status Fact check: Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 vaccine remark missing context Fact check: Election unlikely to be decided in the House Fact check: Legislatures choose electors, who vote how state dictates Fact check: Dominion voting machines didn’t delete or switch votes Fact check: No evidence vote was cast in the late Joe Frazier’s name Fact check: Pa. claim of dead woman voting under investigation Fact check: Ballot counting wasn’t dependent on state’s party Fact check: Old story on Wisconsin stay-at-home ruling posted as new Fact check: No one was allowed to vote after Nov. 3 Face check: Jeff Foxworthy didn’t write viral ‘fence test’ post Fact check: NC vote total for governor didn’t exceed ballots cast Fact check: Fauci did not say masks contributed to Spanish flu deaths Fact check: Kamala Harris proposed extended school days in 2019 bill Fact check: No evidence mask wearers are arriving in ICUs with pneumonia Fact check: Electoral maps showing Trump in lead are false Fact check: Emhoff once represented Merck but isn’t ‘big pharma’ lawyer Fact check: CNN didn’t retract Arizona call Fact check: Wis. clerks followed 2016 guidance about absentee ballots Fact check: Dual language ballots cause confusion in Ga. county’s data Fact check: Navajo votes backed Biden, but not as widely as claimed Fact check: Black unemployment rate fell under Obama Fact check: Masks don’t lead to lung cancer, but some include chemicals Fact check: Claim about stolen Arizona ballots lacks context Fact check: News website never called Pennsylvania for Joe Biden Fact check: Wisconsin didn’t have a glitch that stole votes from Trump Fact check: No proof of Zimbabwean inventor’s chargeless electric car Fact check: False QAnon claim that Trump watermarked mail-in ballots Fact check: Quote on vote counting misattributed to Stalin Fact check: Videos of Detroit’s TCF Center are missing context Fact check: Partly false claims about discarded ballots in Pa. Fact check: States don’t have more than 100% turnout Fact check: False claim that thousands of dead people voted in Michigan Fact check: Post incorrectly IDs nickel mine, lacks context on electric cars Fact check: Lawsuit alleging errors on Detroit voter rolls was in 2019
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