The pandemic has driven millions of us out of stores and onto the web. Some estimates say online shopping grew more than 75 percent in June 2020 compared to the previous year, and only a bit less in July–and online spending was already projected to reach $5 trillion in 2021. But while our method of shopping may have changed, we haven’t stopped being careful consumers. We still want to compare prices and read reviews, and we’re also asking for seamless ordering across platforms; clear, well-designed websites; and responsive customer service.
To point our readers to the Best Online Shops 2021, Newsweek once again paired with respected global data-research firm Statista. Our rankings recognize 1,000 shops across 39 categories in eight groups.
“Home Living” shops scored the highest on average, while “Single Brand Fashion” is the largest category, with 85 shops recognized. We’re confident that all the shops cited in our rankings offer a first-rate consumer experience. Whatever you may be looking for, there’s an outstanding online retailer eager to work with you.
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Below are the final rankings, listing the top websites across all 39 categories.