Start your Watch Dogs: Legion experience with the first two missions in our Prologue walkthrough. Step into the role of DedSec operative Dalton as he sneaks into the Palace of Westminster. Hopefully you can deal with the threat facing London before it’s too late.
The first chapter after finishing the prologue missions shows that DedSec is back on the scene. Work through the Squad Goals Chapter using our walkthrough for each mission below. Someone has to show London there’s still a resistance here to support them.
The Body Snatchers Chapter is your first introduction to the criminal organization, Clan Kelley. Search for a former DedSec operative named Ángel López that may have been abducted. Even if that requires doing a little trespassing.
The Zero Tolerance Chapter revolves around the Albion organization that stepped in after the bombings to police London. See if you can find a man named Hamish Bolaji to hopefully help with fighting back against Albion. It’s time to stop the police brutality frequently used by Albion.
The Family Business Chapter starts with reaching out to a hacker organization that goes by 404. After receiving a message from them via Sabine, start completing their contracts to learn more. Perhaps these hackers can lend DedSec a hand.
The Spy Games Chapter introduces another organization in London, Signals Intelligence Response, known as SIRS. Meet with a SIRS contact to learn more about this surveillance organization and potentially who Zero-Day is. Follow our walkthrough for each mission below.
The chapter Down the Darkweb returns to Clan Kelley owner, Mary Kelley. Work with detective Kaitlin Lau to put an end to the Clan Kelley business. Follow our walkthrough for each mission below to learn more about her operation.
The True Colours Chapter returns to dealing with the Albion organization. Now that you have Hamish Bolaji on your side, meet with his contact at Albion to get some damning evidence against Albion. Follow our walkthrough for each mission below to fight back against Albion owner, Nigel Cass.
London Rising is the final chapter in Watch Dogs: Legion that finally wraps up who’s behind the Zero-Day bombings. The question is, who could it be after taking down every major organization in London? Talk to Richard Malik to learn more in our walkthroughs below.